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Hotel Guests only - Make a Reservation for the Spa and Gym

Due to COVID-19 Regulations, the use of our Spa and Gym are limited to one household or bubble at a time. Sessions are limited to 90 minutes.  Hotel Guests may pre-book using the buttons below


Looking after Exmoor National Park, our Neighbours and our Hotel Guests

Croydon Hall is an idyllic retreat set in Exmoor National Park, on the edge of the dark skies zone, it is a great location for star gazing.    The area is super quiet at night and sound travels really easily so we do ask our guests to limit any noisy activity to take place only within the confines of the building after 10pm. Our local neighbours, other hotel guests and the local wildlife are all very grateful for your consideration and co-operation.


About Us

Croydon Hall is operated by Croydon Hall Management Limited.  Company Registration Number 07461656.